Sunday, June 6, 2010

The best laid plans

Today is the last day of a vacation from work for me. I've been off since May 20-something. Gosh, what day was that? The 26th? It's been so long, I forget. Technically, I had to work for 4 hours on the 29th but no big deal.

I had such plans.

No. Not plans for a grand get away or anything like that. What is that annoying trendy word? Oh, yeah. Staycation. (gag) Plans. I was talking plans. Like I said, I had such plans. None of those plans came to fruition. I'm not sure how or why, but I didn't really do anything. And there is so much to be done.

Now, here it is, the day before I go back to work and all I feel is guilt. Mind you, no one else really knew of these plans so there really weren't any expectations from anyone else in my family. Hmm, perhaps that is why I didn't voice my plans. Ya think?

Wait. Wait. Wait. I did get one thing accomplished! The fridge got cleaned out and it's all shiny and spiffy, now.

I've decided that I would have gotten these things done had I been home alone. My problem is, if others are home doing their own version of nothing, then I am completely influenced to do my own version of nothing. In that regard, it's NOT MY FAULT! It feels so good to blame others for my own laziness.

Maybe I don't feel that guilty.

Braelyn and Jameson's last day of school, 2010. Remind me to remind my husband to check the background before he takes photos.


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