Monday, June 28, 2010

Awesomely Amazing

I was sorta kinda 45 kinds of giddy for the couple of weeks leading up to the Dave Matthews Band concert. I don't go to many concerts. It's an expense I have a hard time justifying. However, this year, I splurged. There was no way I was going to miss my Dave this year. It had been 8 years! EIGHT! That is way too long to go without a Dave fix.

Saturday, the 19th, was the day. My 19 year-old daughter, Brianna, and I went. Deer Wireless Music Center is only about 40 minutes from here so we got there pretty quickly after gassing up the ever so hip mini van and heading out. We, of course, listened to DMB the entire way down. Once we hit our exit it was quite disorienting because Noblesville, where the venue is, has grown a LOT in the 8 years since I've been there! I didn't recognize it at all,  which became obvious as we drove right past our turn off! Let me tell you, with Brianna and me in the car, it's the blind leading the blind. Pretty comical.

We made it in the parking lot with no problems and got parked (in Blue 3, don't ya know) with the help of the little fellas in the bright green vesticles. Couldn't do it without them, ya know. We were way early so we rolled down the windows and people watched. And oh boy did we get a good show.

Parked in front of us was Back Scratch Boy. So dubbed because when he took his shirt off he had some suspicious scratches across his back. I tried not to think about that so much. He filled his plastic container with vodka and crangrape juce and he and his girlfriend took off into the crowd and we didn't see them again.

To the left of them was a big Yukon full of kids who we named, The Douche Brigade. Young guys..maybe high school seniors or college freshmen who thought they were the shizz. They had 2 or 3 girls with them and they all thought they looked cool drinking vodka and Red Bull and/or beer. We watched them, probably with looks of contempt on our faces. Or looks of amusement. Something. We were trying to snap pictures of them, especially the Grand Supreme Douche. Dude really thought he was God's gift. This is where it gets good. Worth the price of the ticket, for sure.

We're talking and watching and doing whatever and I see this guy walk by my side of the van really slowly and he stopped at the back. A minute later he walks up the driver's side and stops by Brianna's window for a second then walks up to the Brigade's vehicle. About this time, these other two guys walk up to Grand Supreme and others and ask if anyone needs tickets. Then suddenly we realize, they're getting BUSTED! Out of nowhere, there are at least 4 undercovers giving them breathalyzers and tickets. Seriously, I can't believe we didn't witness at least one of them pee their pants! It was all very calm and orderly, but oh so funny. I couldn't help but laugh. Is that bad?  Oh, but the best part was when they had to dump all the alcohol onto the ground! We're talking at least 24 beers, 2 brand new bottles of Smirnoff and maybe more, I'm not even sure. I could just see the dollar signs evaporating.  Poor kids. ha

After that most excellent display, I spent a big part of our free time scoping out the people around us looking for others as old or older than I. I was already feeling pretty ancient. Stay tuned for something that happened later to make me feel better about that. So, anyway, fast forward a little bit to us finally getting out of the car and heading up to the actual venue.

On the tickets, it said, "NO CAMERAS." Rules? RULES? We don't need no stinkin' rules! Before we left home, we had practiced the art of camera camoflauge. The best we came up with, without her looking like a man who stuffs his stuff with socks to look like he's got STUFF, was for Brianna to attach the handle string to her belt and tuck the camera just behind her belt buckle/top of her jeans. Really, you couldn't even tell. So, we got in line in the sweltering sun (thank you, breeze, for being present all evening!) and when the gates opened we watched security PATTING PEOPLE DOWN! OMG! OMG! OMG! What? Seriously?!

Brianna is panicking a little. We watch the patting technique by all the yellow shirts and really, while some were more aggressive than others, they were all checking waists from front to back, checking pockets, looking in bags with much more than a glance. I mean, they were making people open cigarette packs! By this time, Brianna's about to pass out. She unbuckles her belt and takes the camera strap off and tucks it in, but then is afraid the camera is going to fall out the leg of her pants. I told her to push it down lower into her panties. Brill! It worked because they most definitely were NOT patting down crotch areas. And that, my friends, is how we got a camera snuck into Deer Creek. I'm a terrible mother.

Moving on...once inside, we bought souveniers...recycled bags (they're green and very cool. How do I not have a picture? Will remedy that soon. I also got a keychain (it's a bottle opener, too! Bonus!) and a couple of window stickers which I will not put on the ultra cool mini van because I plan to get a new(er) vehicle early next year. I wanted the other bag they had but it was..$100! I think not. It would have to come with a Dave meet and greet for me to spend that kind of money.

Finally in our seats and yay, we are on the end. No having to squish in between people. We were in Row S of the upper pavilion at the left side. Really, it wasn't too far back and we had a bird's eye view of the door the band would enter the stage from. I gazed down at the pit (the standing room only section right in front of the stage..this is the first year for this at DMB, I believe.) and I remember that the day I was buying tickets, I could have gotten those tickets! I could have been close enough to watch the sweat drip down Dave's face. Sometimes, I really suck. But no matter, it was nice to have a seat to sit in before the show started.

Or so I thought. Row S, I am now convinced, was they row they advertised for those people who needed potty breaks and/or more beer every five minutes. It started approximately 5.2 seconds after we sat down and lasted throughout the entire show. Oh my Lord, I wanted to trip some of the people on their 7th or 8th trip out and back in. There were, I think, 4 separate groups of people who left multiple times plus a couple of 1 or 2 timers. "Sorry..sorry..sorry..excuse me..sorry...That's what you get for sitting on the end!...(ha ha, NOT)...'silence'....dirty looks...can I get through?...sorry..sorry...sorry..." I was ready to punch somebody. But as usual, I was ever the picture of niceness and just smiled. Oh, then there was the boy who wanted high fives from everyone as he left, the girl who wanted to sing right in our faces as she went by, and the lady who grabbed Brianna's boob. Fun times.

Why spend good money to see the best band ever in the history of ever if you're going to spend the time going out to get more and more beer until you are so drunk that you a) forget the part of the concert you actually were in the pavilion for b) you are falling down and have to be carried out c) become so ridiculously belligerent that you pick fights with security during the last song of the night and embarrass and frighten your 7 year old child to the point that he is crying?? Yes, we witnessed all that and more. People are stupid and are also freaking distracting and made my beautiful Dave experience less than it could have been. I'm suing!

So we're sitting there people watching and Dave Matthews just wanders out on stage like he would walk in the kitchen for a sandwich. I'm trying not to be all fan girly by staying in my seat and squealing just under my breath. He looked beautiful in a white shirt and jeans. He said a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand but eventually introduced the opening act who was Robert Earl Keen. (I think.) He was pretty good, but man, I would hate being the opening act for a huge band. Everybody's walking around and talking and not paying attention.

After an eternity of waiting, DMB finally sauntered out on stage all nonchalant-like and we were on our way! First observations--
  • Stefan is much shorter than I remember him being. He also looks really cute in those black glasses. 
  • Rashawn has lost a bunch of weight. (this I noticed a couple of weeks ago while watching Bonnaroo.)
  • Dave changed shirts. He had on white when he came out earlier but changed into black. 
  • Man, Boyd is ripped!
  • I don't like Carter in baggy clothing and all black.
  • The couple in front of us may or may not have come to the wrong concert. Who would know since they showed ZERO emotion, good or bad. This went on the entire show up until they left long before it was over. Weirdos. 
They started the night with Big Eyed Fish which went directly into Bartender. This combo is fondly referred to as "Fishtender" by the die hard fans. One thing I love about concerts is when the entire crowd is singing along. By the end of the night, I would be somewhat disappointed that some of the best DMB sing-along songs weren't included in the set. So, I loved "I'm on beeeeendeeeed knees..." in Bartender. You could hear the entire crowd and it was awesome.  Jeff Coffin (who has taken the late Leroi Moore's place) on the flutey piccolo thingie (oh's a pennywhistle!) at the end of Bartender? Fabulous and when I listened to this show again online it ended with the tune of "If I only had a brain..." I did NOT hear that at the concert. Whoa.. where was I?

Dave said a few words before and after Stay or Leave and that is always a treat. He is usually off the wall and I realized that most times, he talks like Sling Blade, mmm hmm.... Stay or Leave was gorgeous, as usual.  "..touch the bottom you and I with muddy toes...stay or leave, I want you not to go..." That is out of lyrical context there, but I do so love Dave's lyrics.

Sweet Up and Down was next.  I admit to not really knowing this song very well. (I KNOW! Hard to believe, right?) It's a great song, though and Carter is fantastic! He was just ON all night long and I SWEAR at some point in the show I was convinced that he actually has 24 arms and 16 legs. Plus, who else can effectively blow bubbles with gum as they are rocking out on the drums??

Funny the Way It Is had the crowd singing. Stand Up (For It) gave a lot of people time for a potty/beer break. Annoying. I, of course, didn't leave once during the entire show. I had read some other reviews of this show which said there was a Cornbread teaser at the end of Stand up. I so didn't hear it, but upon listening to it over and over after, it's subtle, but it's there. The music is still Stand Up, but there are a few words of lyrics from Cornbread. There is MAD hate for Cornbread amongst the die hards who have seen 85 DMB shows, but me? I say sing whatever the H you want, Davey. You won't hear me complain. So, Stand up went immediately into Recently which had a great 'pretty pretty girl...lovely lovely girl'  and 'take me to the water...' outro.  After Recently, Dave said, "Yall is so beautiful this evening..." and then told a story about wandering around in disguise at the campground and seeing all the pretty girls with muddy toes and needing showers.
Sister was beautiful and damn near EVERYBODY left. Again, annoying.
Dancing Nancies got the crowd excited again. I've always loved "look up at the sky..." with the horns. It's one of my favorite parts of any DMB song. Not sure why, it's just one of those things.  The crowd sang a lot and Boyd did his thang. Boy has some guns!

Why I Am started and the crowd went wild!  It is absolutely FANTASTIC live and my favorite of the night. The energy was amazing. And each time Dave sang, "..still here dancing with the Groo Grux King..."  the cheers were LOUD! After the song, Dave did a little rendition of Mr. Rogers. "A beautiful day in the neighborhood...would you be could you be mine.." with a southern sort of twang. What a goofball! But the crowd eats it up.

Dave brought out Danny Barnes on the banjo for Spaceman... "I love the way you love me, girl...I love the way you move..."  Warehouse was next and Danny Barnes hit the banjo. I do love a good banjo player. Probably because I likes me some bluegrass every now and again. Rashawn on the trumpet was pretty fab, as well. I like to watch Rashawn because for one, boy never cracks a smile. Watching him sing back up makes me smile. But watching him play the trumpet is even better. He often only uses one hand and it looks so effortless!

Grey Street kept the crowd going, and even though it's not one of my most favorite DMB tunes, it was great live! After that, Dave sang You & Me to ME. There was lots of crowd singing (...we're gonna teach them to FLYYYY) which totally ruined our beautiful moment. Our eye contact through the binoculars was special, though.

Musical intro for Jimi Thing was next, but he didn't begin singing at the usual starting point, so the crowd took over and sang the first lines. It was awesome.  Dave did some scatting at the end which led into a chorus of  "...Sexy m***** f***** shakin that a**..." with Carter and Rashawn helping out. Now, I'm not one to condone the usage of the EFF word, but really, I'm not sure Dave could have been more sexy to me and I already find him pretty dang sexy. Mmm hmm...  Also during Jimi we got Coffin playing two saxes at once and a SMILE from Rashawn!

I love Stay and I wouldn't care if they always play it at any concerts I may see in the future. Stay is definitely in my top 10. Fabulous Rashawn and Jeff stuff here and it ended with the pretend "Goodnight everybody! Bye bye!"

After a 9 minute break, the band came back for the encore. Dave informed us that this is the 28th time they've played Deer Creek. And I've seen them twice. How depressing.

Time Bomb started the encore. I love how it starts so softly and gets so intense! You know, I don't see the band for 8 years and I got the same song to end the show as I did this time that I got 8 years ago. All Along The Watchtower. I'm not one to complain (too much) because I will take Dave any way I can get him, but oh how I despise this song. One, because they usually drag it out for 25 minutes, but also because I just don't like Dave's voice paired with this song. It makes him very growly/screamy and I don't like that. The "no reason to get excited" part that the crowd sings, well, that's ok, but otherwise, Do. Not. Want.  It is full of energy though and gets the crowd going so it's a good way to end a show. Carter's creepy "ha ha ha ha..." was the highlight for me. And, Stefan starting the song by playing that foot pedal thingie (sorry, I don't know the technical terms, obviously) is really cool. I'd seen that online at Bonnaroo and I am sure he's done it a million times before, but seeing it live is just that much better.

And that was the end. *sigh* We watched them walk off the stage and hung around to watch Carter throw out approximately 30 sticks to the crowd. (JEALOUS!)

I'm really glad we took binoculars because while we weren't THAT far away, I still like to see facial expressions and looks shared between band members.I would be SO appreciative of close tickets! I wouldn't take them for granted! I DESERVE up close and personal tickets!! Right? Right??
So now, Brianna and I are walking out, heading to the gates just talking about stuff. I think we were talking about Brianna wanting a poster but they were all sold out and I realize that a guy has been walking beside me to my right for quite a while and he's laughing and chuckling at things we are saying. You know, I kind of gave him a sideways glance but that's all. Well, he then asks me if I thought the encore was short. So we chit chatted for a second about the show. And then he says, and I kid you not, "What are you guys doing after this?"  I said something goofy like, "Fighting traffic." I somehow mentioned being from Muncie (Hello? I just gave a serial killer information about where we're from!)  He said he was from Bloomington and I said something about him having quite a drive home. He then informs me/us that he got a hotel room so he wouldn't have to worry about driving home that night. Wait, huh? It is at that exact moment that I realize, he's hitting on us! Seriously, I wasn't even aware until then.  Also at that exact moment, we hit the major foot traffic bottle neck that is the Deer Creek bridge and we got separated from him. I was dying! Dying, I tell you. I told Brianna that the guy was about 2 seconds from inviting us back to his hotel.  Well, bless his heart! He was all of 20-21 and kind of nerdy and there is no way on God's green earth he knew I that I am 39 and also there is no way in H-E double hockey sticks that he would hit on me in the sunlight of the day! But, thank you, DMB boy for making my day! It's quite obvious I haven't a clue about flirting and such. I've been married for too long!

The final moments of our DMB concert night were...
  •  Starving! No food in the ultra-hip mini van! Look! Over there! People selling hot dogs! They didn't come to our row of cars. 
  • Blessedly cold water left over in our cooler!
  • Washing my sticky face and arms and neck with cooler water. Bliss! 
  • Watching a drunk girl repeatedly return to the car in front of ours. Said car was NOT hers. 
  • Watching a group of girls pee behind an open car door and an umbrella. I guess when you gotta go..
We had such a good time and I can't wait to see them again. Unfortunately, it won't be next summer because the band is taking 2011 off. Sads. 


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