Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nearly catastrophic-ish-like

I've been waiting, since my husband left for Florida last Thursday, for something to happen. An act of God, a twist of fate, bad luck. Last night, I thought it had happened. I had just gotten a refill of water at about a quarter after 11 and bzzzzz....the power went out. All noise gone from the house along with all light.


I'm not really a big chicken when it comes to being home alone. And by home alone I mean home without my husband no matter how many children or dogs are also here with me. However, when the whole entire block is PITCH BLACK when I look outside, there are most certainly no fewer than 10 mass murderers outside on the lawn waiting to break in and attack.

After that lovely thought, my mind starts trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do. For once, my cell phone came in handy! Imagine! I used it as a flashlight to get to the laundry room to find the real flashlight. I used the flashlight to locate the emergency candles.  BURNS FOR 60 HOURS! My laptop was still on using the battery so the living room was somewhat illuminated until I made it back with another 60 hour candle.

By the way, electric company? Y'all better have the power back on in 60 minutes. Just sayin'. 

So, I light candles, cover up, answer a few Bubba texts, doze on the couch and 3 hours later, the power was back, leaving me with a bunch of flashing clocks to reset.

How very anticlimactic, huh?

Catastrophe averted.


Jean-Luc Picard

When the light goes out, get the baseball bat if any mass murderers decide to knock on your door.


Wow, what an ordeal, I am happy to hear you survived it. Now let it happen a few more times and you'll properly trained in black out survival.


Lurk, lurk.

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