Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

We rang in the new year almost 24 hours ago and as always, it's a time of reflection for many people, myself included. In my case, my reflections of the last year (and years before) don't paint a very good picture of my life. No, that's not really true. Generally, my life is a good one. I have a good paying job that I mostly enjoy. I have a fantastic husband and really great kids. (I'm not just saying that, either.) I have a cool dog, a car that runs (barely), food on my table and a roof over my head. I think that constitutes a good life.

But, I am not really living, you know? I have spent my life telling myself, "When I lose weight, then..." I've put off living for years because of this stupid fat. It has taken my confidence, for sure. I've missed out because of the fat and I don't want to do that any more.

I'm motivated and I want to be as positive as I can about this new year. I've got a ton of resolutions/goals and I hope to achieve many of them during the next 12 months.

I will get into more detail about my goals tomorrow. Until then, I will leave a list here.

  • I am going to attempt to Bullet Journal this year. One of my favorite bloggers, Miss Zoot, has piqued my interest. I hope it works for me because I love pens and journals! 
  • Healthier eating habits with a goal of losing weight. Small loss goals are going to be my norm, starting with the first one of 5lbs. 
  • I am going to try to add consistent exercise to my life. Hopefully, starting with a couple of days a week and working up to at least 5 days. Running is not in the plan for now. Maybe not ever. 
  • Ridding my house of junk and clutter. Baby steps here, too. I've cut it down since we moved, but it's still there, lurking in drawers, cabinets and closets. 
  • Blog more! 

That's the short list. Sitting here now, I am drawing a blank. I can't remember the long mental list I had, but had I started bullet journaling already, I would have had a page full of goals!

Here's to new and exciting things in 2014!



Hello my Queen. I know, I've been absent from Idolblog this past season, but I may return now that the crew has been revamped and maybe they won't be so determined to crown a female winner that they stack the deck.
Best wishes on the resolutions. I know that they can be difficult to keep, but hang in there.
I retired last April and life is good at Driller's Place, so stop by anytime See ya!

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