Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dolvett. I Just Like To Say His Name Because It's Cool.

'Member that one time when I applied to be on that one show? Yeah, me too.

What? You thought there was a story to go along with that? Nah. I just watched the premier of The Biggest Loser tonight, during which I DID NOT CRY for the first time ever, and I was just reminded of the video and app that I did for that show. Holy HELL what was I thinking? All Bob Harper would have to do is look at me from across the gym and I'd be a puddle of tears and then run out the door screaming, "Send me home!!"  I don't know how those people do it. I have mad respect for all the contestants. Except the ones who asked to be sent home. Kinda.

When will I learn? I went to Walmart today. It's the first of the month. Bad idea. Bad mood. Healthy food is expensive. I'm tired.



I remember that...I also remember thinking you have more guts than I do, because I could never make myself get that far. TBL is still the only reality type shoe I'd ever want to do, but I don't have the guts to even go to the website and find out what I'd need to do.

But man...Dolvett...I might have to just for the chance to get there and touch his abs... ;)

Cristie Worley

I remember! I remember thinking you were very brave to apply as well...I made the mistake of clicking on my name where I comment on that post & it took me to an old Blogger profile where I was 33 & "very happily married" HAHAHA, I must have been very happily drunk when I typed that :)....and yes health food is SO expensive. Chips & dip are so much more affordable! ;)

The Best Daughter Ever

You're slackin'!

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