Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here's to 2012 and reviving my blog! Can you even imagine? This time around I'm not worrying about it, I'm just going to write about whatever with no regard to themed posts or being coherent, really. What's the fun in that, anyway?

Christmas 2011 has come and gone. The first in our new house. Did I mention our new house? Perhaps I will talk more about that at a later date. It was a good Christmas. We were able to give the kids many things that they wanted without stressing over it all. Thank you K-mart and Wal-mart layway! Speaking of K-Mart, they just announced a list of Kmarts which will be closing and thank goodness the one here in Muncie is safe for now. It's all about the layaway, baby.

I received 3 different sets of smell goods for Christmas from my kids and husband. Are they trying to tell me something?

Brianna and I, but mostly Brianna, made a bazillion magnets for Christmas gifts this year. Magnets, silicone glue and marbles. Easy, fun and relatively inexpensive. Just the way I like it. I should include a picture but I think the only one I took was on my phone and it wasn't very good. (Cell phone cameras and digital cameras are just the bane of my existence, but that's a whole other blog entry right there, brother.)

New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful in that it wasn't a big party or anything, but I like it like that. The calmer the better. I spent the day doing not much all alone as the kids went to work at The Fieldhouse in Fishers with Bubba. And by kids I mean Braelyn, Jameson and Olivia my niece who stayed with us for two nights while my sister spent time with her new man. (another story for later) I made a trip to Walmart for party food. That was dumb. A holiday Saturday at Walmart is just a bad idea. Especially when one has panic attack tendencies. By the time I made it to the check out I was flushed and sweaty, a tale tell sign for me. I needed to get out of there! I managed without a meltdown and came home and made a cheese tray, a veggie tray, BBQ weenies and a dessert called 'The Good Stuff.' Suzy homemaker, I am.

The kids played, we watched New Year's Rockin' Eve, Bubba went to bed at about 11:30 and the kids ran out onto the porch with noise makers for about 5 seconds until the neighbors started shooting off their gun. Yay for dangerous rednecks! I do have some pictures but they're on my camera and I haven't downloaded them yet.

OK, so let's get to resolutions, shall we? I like to make resolutions even if I never succeed. Gives me something to strive for, even if for only a few weeks.

1. Lose weight. This is the 'DUH!' one. Always and forever on my list. I'm going to do Weight Watchers online. It's much cheaper than going to meetings even though I like the meetings. I'll try to set super small goals for myself and see what happens. 5lbs? 2lbs? I don't know yet. (Not starting this one today, but will start in the next week.)

2. Cut out caffeine and all pop. I used to be pretty much a No Pop kind of person. Then I got addicted to Diet Dr Pepper Cherry (Cherry vanilla when it used to be available) and had to quit. I recently became addicted to Diet Mt Dew. Sometimes I can find it in Caffeine Free but let's face it, pop isn't good for you in any way. Baby steps though. As soon as I drink up all that's left in the house, then I will stop. Even though I will probably twitch every time I drive by Gas America. Whatever.

3. Buy a treadmill. This isn't so much a resolution as a To Do kind of thing.

4. Use the treadmill. I hate exercise. For serious. I can tolerate a treadmill. Bets on how long it takes to become a clothes hanger/catch all?

5. Blog. Because I'm letting moments pass by without writing about them so I will forget them.

6. Read more books. Currently reading: The Help. Yes, I'm always behind the trends.

7. Take more pictures. I know! Me! But this past year I just sucked royally at taking enough pictures. It's a sad day in Angie Land.

And that's that. I'm not getting all deep and resolving to 'find myself' or 'stay true to myself' (what does that mean?) or anything like that. I've chosen doable stuff if I only Just Do It. Nike would be proud.


Tracy S

YAY! Glad to see you back. I missed reading your ramblings. lol Happy New Year Ang!


I will try my hardest to keep on track with this blogging thing if you will! :)

And best of luck on your resolutions! I am thinking of doing WW online as well, as soon as some of my financial aid comes in.


Tracy, I SO miss the good old days of Blog Explosion, don't you??

TJ, I will if you will if I will! lol


YAY, seems just like the good old days when I discovered your blog!! I was living in a haunted house...but thats a blog post all its own...anyway Im glad youre back! ~Cristie~

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